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New Year’s Resolution 2019: Pick one diet habit and stick with it!

In my New Year's blog for 2018, I advocated that people pick one healthy resolution and focus on it. Whether it was a singular exercise, a diet hack or a lifestyle change (like consuming less alcoholic beverages or smoking fewer cigarettes), finding one small, achievable...

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Pick one New Year's Resolution and focus on it!

In our last blog, New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep in 2018, we recommended resolutions that were attainable in baby steps, with continuous improvements each week, every two weeks, or every month.

For example, if you have not exercised in a long time, and you resolved...

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New Year's Resolutions You Can Keep in 2018

Last year, Kris Erdman, our Vice President of Clinical Services, wrote a blog on New Year’s Resolutions that emphasized continuous improvement (or “CI”) through short-term, attainable objectives. 

Instead of the grand scale dreams of working out five days every week,...

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New Year, Fresh Start!

Making Attainable New Year's Resolutions that Focus on Continuous Improvement

It’s a New Year!  And just like the ones before, we make promises to be a newer, better person. We vow to make big-time changes in what promises to be the best year of our lives. But just like...

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Healthy Weight: How much should I weigh?

This is the time of year when many people are focused on losing weight. Not coincidentally, Jan. 18-22 is Healthy Weight Week, a time to celebrate healthy, sustainable lifestyles that prevent weight problems.

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Five Things NOT To Do for a Healthy New Year

As the New Year gets underway, many of us have resolved to do better in the area of our health. But as we've all experienced, making a resolution is much easier than keeping it throughout the year. To help you stay on track, our clinical team suggests the following...

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